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The new Mead & Cider production space will house a mix of 15 bbl conical fermenters and brite tanks for our cider and session mead fermentation and four sloped-bottom 2000L fermenters for our still mead production. Future plans include another 10 bbl foeder installed for our farmhouse/wild cider and mead experiments. In total, we will have over 3,400 gallons of fermentation capacity for mead and cider. 



The Northerner - 6.5% abv:
A “cyser” is a mead made with apples. We dropped a couple pounds of Michigan Montmorency cherries in while we were at it. This mead is light, tart, and refreshingly bubbly

The Darkest Timeline - 14% abv:
This melomel is made with orange blossom honey, fresh black currant, blackberry and raspberry.

The Golden Apple - 12.5% abv:
Orange blossom honey and apple juice, fermented with raisins and dates and aged in bourbon barrels.

Hommage à Domfront - 13.5% abv
Washington pear juice fermented with orange blossom honey, brown sugar, dates and raisins. Lightly aged in Calvados barrels.

Florida Mead Project - 12% abv
A series of tropical meads, using fresh Florida fruit and orangle blossom honey to make a semi-sweet mead, with bright, fruit-forward acidity. Past releases have included Guava, Passion Fruit and Dragon Fruit.


I am Brut!- 6.7% abv:
The first of our foeder-fermented ciders. Created with a blend of fresh New York apples and our house farmhouse yeast and brettanomyces brux.Barrel-aged in neutral oak and bottle-conditioned.

Raspberry Rooftop - 6% abv:
Fresh-pressed apple juice and raspberries fermented to semi-dry.

Apricot- 6.4% abv:
Apples and fresh apricots fermented with farmhouse yeast, then aged on white oak. Spicy, slightly tannic, with a delicate sweetness from the fruit

Pinellas Peach - 6%abv:
Fresh peaches fermented with apple juice and then dry-hopped with Amarillo.

Single- Varietal Ciders:

Northern Spy - 6.2% abv:
Fresh-pressed Northern Spy apples fermented dry create this crisp, tart cider.

Golden Russet - 6.8% abv:
Heirloom Golden Russet apples were pressed and fermented dry. The resulting cider is earthy and complex, with good acidity and a spicy finish.