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Welcome to Webb’s!

Webb’s City Cellar is our second tasting room and barrel aging facility adjacent to our original location. While it will specialize in mixed culture, sour and wild ales, it will share the beer garden in the middle of the two facilities. The name is an homage to Webb’s City Drug Store, the World’s Most Unusual Drug Store which first opened in Downtown St. Petersburg in the mid 1920’s. It took up seven city blocks, and was complete with 77 departments ranging from a meat market, to a beauty salon; a hardware store to a Mermaid Show.

Webb’s City Cellar will allow us to experiment with mixed culture fermentation, oak aging and wood fermentation, and develop high quality blends and alternative whole fruit and spontaneous ferments, while also broadening our Mead and Cider branch of the business. 

The expansion and development of this project has included a separate space for a koelschip (an open fermentation vessel), an outdoor patio, balcony seating, and an upfront view of our barrel facility. Alongside our own products, we will be carrying a rotating bottle menu of packaged products from parallel breweries with similar programs.

Webb’s City Cellar opened to the public early 2019.


In addition to our production facility, we built a climate controlled cellar for the production of Wild Ales and Mixed Culture Sour beers. After we brew on our Brewhouse, we pump the wort under the beer garden to the cellar, into more custom build Foeders. These all have a house mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria that ferment the wort over the course of several weeks before they are transferred into barrels (mostly wine barrels but we often use spirit, as well), where they age for many months before we prepare to harvest. Once their aging process is complete, we blend the beer together and will age on various fruits, hops, or any other additions that we would like to experiment with. Webb’s City Cellar has one custom build 90 HL Foeder, as well as three 40 HL Foeders, a few stainless tanks for fruiting, and a 60 BBL bright tank, all dedicated to Mixed Culture production. We can house up to 700 wine barrels in our cellar, which is open to the public.

Housed inside of Webb’s City Cellar is also our Mead + Cider production equipment.

We have two stainless 2,000L Red Wine fermenters, two stainless 2,000L White Wine fermenters, two stainless 15 BBL conical fermenters, one 10 BBL Foeder, and a 25 BBL bright tank.